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    Duplicate patron ID" / "Duplicate patron barcode" creating new patrons

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Our $usr_library is different than our ADM library. After implementing a Service Pack containing 17.01 rep_change 677, we started getting the messages "Duplicate patron ID" / "Duplicate patron barcode" when trying to create new patrons.

    [Note: The equivalent 16.02 rep_change is 1617.]

    The $usr_library has this in util g/2:

    last-bor-id 11089 n S UTS
    last-bor-id-1 620 y S B

    The ADM library had this:

    last-bor-id 10122 n S UTS
    last-bor-id-1 23 y S B

    Since "setenv new_last_bor_counters Y" has been added to aleph_start (per rep_change 677), the values of these counters, which used to be coming from the $usr_library, are now coming from the ADM library.

    Changing the ADM library counters to be the same as the $usr_library counters corrected the problem.

    Note: In a single-ADM situation, it really doesn't matter whether the system gets these values from the ADM or the $usr_library. In a multi-ADM situation, you want it to get the values from the ADM -- so that you can assign a distinct prefix to each ADM's records.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013