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    Duplicating bib field into another bib field; copying field from HOL to bib

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 15.2

    1. I need to take a pre-existing MARC field, with all its subfields, text, etc, and duplicate it into another field in the same record. I have a set of records using p_ret01. I need to duplicate the information from the 541 field into the 941 field.

    2. I need to copy the information in 852$h (and $i if applicable)from the 852 field of the Holdings record (in the xxx60 library) into the 096 field of the Bib record (in the xxx01 library).

    1. You can achieve this using p_manage_25, creating a fix routine specially to copy the 541 field to the 941 field. There is a sample of the fix program you need to create in xxx01/tab/import/generic_fix.
    1. copy this table to one with your own name eg: 541_941

    Edit the table so that it has just one line:
    1 541 COPY-FIELD 941

    Add a line to cjh01/tab/tab_fix with a new routine and your fix program in column 3, eg:
    541 fix_doc_do_file_08 541_941

    Then when you run p_manage_25, choose this routine (that I've called 541) from the drop-down list of fixes from tab_fix.

    Then with the output file from p_manage_25 you can load the records using p_manage_18

    Please note that you can skip the p_manage_25 step and just run p_manage_18 with the fix-routine you want to execute specified. However the advantage to using p_manage_25 is that you can look at the records before you load them'

    2. You can move the 852$$h information from the HOL to the BIB record by adding the expand_doc_bib_hol to the RET section of xxx01/tab/tab_expand. This means you'll have to run your p_ret_01 job again to get a new input file.
    Then the 852 field will be copied into the BIB record, and you can create a fix program to move the contents of 852 to the appropriate field.

    You can have subsequent steps in your fix routine to remove unwanted subfields from the 096 field, for example:

    1 8528 COPY-FIELD 096

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013