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    ETL (p_arc_01): locking or not locking?

    • Product: Aleph


    When running an ETL process (p_arc_1) you can either choose to lock or not to lock the ADM library.

    What implications do both choices have?


    It is recommended to run the ETL outside the working hours (with locked library) to have consistent data.
    If this is not possible - e.g. due to long working hours - you might consider to run the process during the working hours (with unlocked library).

    The inconsistency might contain data in one table referencing data in a different table that was not created when the table is extracted.

    Additional Information

    Example: if you create a new bibliographic record with items and the bibliographic table was already extracted at this point, it might happen, that the extracted items are pointing to a non-existent bibliographic record.
    This situation should resolve itself during the next ETL though.

    Category: ETL (ARC)/ARC

    Subject: ARC

    • Article last edited: 2/19/2014