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    Error message attempting to Renew: 'Limit reached - 011/010'

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Patron can't renew online. When she tries hitting the "renew selected" button for example, for Chocolate epiphany : exceptional cookies, cakes, and confections for everyone' or 'Art culinaire', the message says: "items which were not renewed".

    In the GUI, the 'Renew Marked' button gives 'Limit reached - 011/010.' message.

    check_circ:0171 L Limit reached - $1/$2. (check_circ_4_a checks patron loan limits in tab16, col.12). check_circ_4_a is both for RENEW and RENEW-WWW in tab_check_circ .

    tab16 ... has "10" in col.12 and the patron has 10 loans. Why are these renewals blocked and where does "011" come from if there are only 10 loans?

    The usm50 tab_check_circ (and another library I checked) do *not* have check_circ_4_a for RENEW (or RENEW-WWW).

    The purpose of check_circ_4_a is to limit the number of loans to the tab16 value.

    It would *seem* that its inclusion for the RENEW label, though extraneous, should do no harm -- but since there's this complication I suggest omitting it....

    I describe it as "extraneous" because renew transactions change the due dates of items which are *already* on loan; they can not *increase* the number of items on loan.

    Deleting this RENEW check_circ_4_a prevented this problem from happening.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013