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    Expanding information from AUT record for classification (only for MAB)

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      How to expand fields from the classification AUT record in xxx13 into the BIB record?


      Fields from the classification AUT record are expanded into the BIB record using expand routine expand_doc_bib_aut_700. The fields from the classification record get 2nd. Indicator "q" in order to identify them in the BIB record. In below example field 700-1 contains the data as catalogued in the BIB record and in the following 8nnnq fields the information from the AUT record:


      Reading doc : 000001242

      LDR-1 L 00675nM2.01200024------h

      FMT-1 L MH

      100b1 L $$aEhlers, Herbert$$9VR000002197

      304a1 L $$aCivīllikums <dt.>

      331-1 L $$aLettlands Zivilgesetzbuch

      335-1 L $$avom 28. Januar 1937

      359-1 L $$ahrsg. vom Justizministerium. [Im Auftr. d. Justizministeriums übers. von Herbert Ehlers ...]

      410-1 L $$aHamburg

      412-1 L $$aLoeber

      425-1 L $$a1987

      433-1 L $$a447 S.

      540-1 L $$a3-9801393-2-8

      700-1 L $$aBalt/Lett: XVII A$$2lok

      800 q L $$aBalt/Lett: XVII A$$2lok

      803aq L $$aZivilrecht.$$2lok

      803cq L $$aBalt/Lett: XVII A$$bLettland$$cZivilrecht.$$2lok

      840 q L $$aLettland$$2lok


      This if only relevant for format MAB.


      Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type:  Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care





    • Article last edited: 06-Arpil-2016