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    Failed to Read Reply"/ utf "file not found" bringing up GUI submission screens

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 15.2

    We are having problems running Services in our Cataloging module. Some users are getting 'Failed to Read Reply' messages when trying to bring up the form for a Service. I was able to run two ret-01 services.
    Then I went to run print-03, and got the Failed to Read Reply message twice before getting the form the third time. Then I successfully submitted the job.
    Then, I went to run file-01 on the output from the print-03, and I am getting the Failed to Read Reply message many times - I cannot get the form to submit the service.

    The pc_server log has an error like the following for each attempted submission:

    I/O error : file '/tmp/utf_files/exlibris/aleph/u50_5/alephe/pc_b_eng/p-file-01.xml'
    error code: 3/5 (ANS85), pc=0, call=28, seg=0
    13 File not found

    I tried to do util x/7 but get this message:

    rm: Unable to remove directory utf_files/exlibris/aleph/u50_5/abc01/tab: File exists

    We found that some of the utf_files and pc_b_eng files were owned by root. It must be that someone was logged on as root in starting or working on the 15.2 aleph.

    Anyway, the ownership of the above files is now all exlibris -- no root. I find that I am able to do util x/7 successfully -- which I had not been able to previously.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013