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    Harvesting bib and holding data with OAI Data Provider

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We are trying to harvest some of our records with the with OAI Data Provider, as described in the OAI Data Provider.pdf, in the OAI and Publishing folder on the Doc Portal, and want to be able to pull in our holdings data along with the bib data.

    We find that with "expand_doc_bib_hol_usm" in tab_fix, the 852 is included in the output.

    For marc_xml / marc21 ( ) 852 subfields b,c, h, and i are included, *but*

    for oai_dc ( ) only 852 subfields h and i are included.

    I found a German SI which asks this: "What is mechanism to add/include more data/fields to the interface of OAI gateway of Aleph; To add clarity to my question; let me cite an example; currently the OAI request of ListRecords of GetRecord under marc21 metadata format doesnt have the 852 tag(location details) in the output; I would like to know the mechanism to add the location details for the OAI requests."

    The Ex Libris answer was: "The transformation from MARC to format oai_dc in OAI DATA PROVIDER is hardcoded and can not be configured. There are plans to make it configurable in later versions but this has not been decided yet."

    You may want to submit an Enhancement Request through the ELUNA OPAC SIG requesting this change; if not, I could change the Type of this SI to Enhancement Request, but there is no certainty that such a request will be acted on.

    The "Publishing-Based OAI Data Provider", described in the Publishing-Based OAI Data Provider.pdf, in the OAI and Publishing folder on the Doc Portal, uses the z00p. I *believe* that it would be looking for OAI_MARC21_XML- or OAI_DC_XML-format z00p records and, as described in KB 16384-20369, we have found that, in the OAI_MARC21_XML format, the AVA, LOC, and PST tags are *not* produced -- though the 852 can be.

    As noted in KB 16384-7891, OAI can *not* use the MARC_XML repository format records (which are used by Primo).

    See also KB 6055.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013