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    Holdings Not Linked to BIB Records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    Look at BIB # 279894. There is a z30 with a link to an abc60 and when you go to the items, there is a holding link to HOL # 2391. But when you try to update holding, you get an error message "item holding link is different to BIBs". When you go to HOL link -- it's empty. On the overview tree it's empty. When you go to the holdings record, it exists.

    UTIL-F-3-12 in abc01 shows that there is no link from abc01 279894 to abc60; and
    UTIL-F-3-12 in abc60 shows that there is no link from abc60 2391 to abc01.

    This SQL shows that, although there are 174,446 HOL records:
    abc60> select count(*) from z00;

    only 8706 of these have BIB --> HOL links:
    abc01> select count (*) from z103 where z103_lkr_library = 'ABC60';

    and only 199 have reciprocal HOL --> BIB links:
    abc60> select count(*) from z103;

    I see some runs of abc60_p_manage_12 in $alephe_scratch which have:
    setenv p_delete_flag "Y"

    As described in the p_manage_12 Help, when you run the job in a particular library with p_delete_flag "Y", the z103 table in that library is dropped and recreated. {This happens even if, as you did, you specify a particular doc number range.}

    This does not, however, explain the low count of 8706 ABC60 links in the BIB library, which it seems goes back to some problem in the upgrade.

    In any case, the solution is a re-run of the p_manage_12 sequence like this:
    ABC01 with Y,Y
    ABC30 with Y,Y
    ABC50 with Y,Y
    ABC60 with Y,Y

    KEYWORDS: manage_12 p-manage-12 faq

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013