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    How To Control the Filing Routine Used for the Outgoing APDU?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    A Borrowing Request is sent with a title of: "Sculpt! circuit 3-4.".
    In the APDU message and the GUI, it shows as "SCULPT CIRCUIT 0000003 0000004".
    This is a significantly different display of the same title.
    What filing routines are used to transform the various Request data tags into APDU fields?
    How can we control these filing routines without affecting the indexing in the xxx40 library?

    Use xxx40/tab/tab_ill_bib_info (Definitions for ILL document tags that builds from ISO IllRequest) and assign special tab_filing numbers (columns 4 and 7) that are not used elsewhere.
    If you leave the tab_filing column empty in this table, then the default filing routine (# 99) will be used.

    tab_ill_bib_info defines the ILL document tags that build the ISO IllRequest.ItemId XML tags.
    For example, the default version of this table directs field tag 260##$$a to create ItemIdPlaceOfPublication.
    Edit this table only if you want to override these default settings.
    For each XML tag (e.g., AuthorOfArticle) you may define up to two sets of tag subfield and filing procedures. If the 1st set (columns 2 thru 4) fails (i.e., there is no such tag in the ILL document), the system uses the 2nd set (columns 5 thru 7).
    COL 1. 50; ALPHA; XML Tag;
    COL 2. 5; ALPHA_NUM; 1st Tag;
    COL 3. 20; ALPHA_NUM; 1st Subfields;
    COL 4. 2; NUM; 1st filing;
    COL 5. 5; ALPHA_NUM; 2nd Tag;
    COL 6. 20; ALPHA_NUM; 2nd Subfields;
    COL 7. 2; NUM; 2nd filing;

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013