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    How To Know Which Records or Fields are Available for a Particular xsl form


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    How can you tell which records' fields are valid for inclusion on a particular /form_eng/...xsl form?

    [From Jerry:] The "CALL form_fill_xml_record" lines in the ./butil program which uses the form determine which records can be included on a particular form.
    Example from b_cash_10_b.cbl:
    CALL "form_fill_xml_record" USING
    "Z305 "

    If there is a CALL for a particular table, then its fields can be included on the program's ./form_eng/...xsl form.
    If there is no CALL for a particular table, then its fields can not be included on the form.
    SI 8192-45926 is a request to have a CALL for a particular table added so its fields can be included on the p_cash_09 report.

    [From Joan:] 
    One can also check the xmlxsl file that is created. It is not 100% definitive (there are a few exceptions), but it is probably around 99%.
    We have created a collection of this information. It is a work-in-progress and should be updated whenever one of us comes up with more information.
    Please see: (the EL Commons)
    It provides:
    * form name
    * a link to an xmlxsl file example for most forms which shows what fields are available and where
    * GUI module 
    * from where the form is run in the GUI (service, button, menu, ...)
    * the print.ini function name for the form
    The page above this one ("Forms and XSL") also provides some form-related links, such as how to trouble-shoot forms, but this page is the most useful.



    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016