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    How do we make our notices be "plain-text"?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    How do we make our notices be "plain-text"? (That is, how do we include the text in the notice itself, rather than in an attachment?)

    A plain version of the template has to exist (that is, plain-xxxx.xsl) in the ./xxx01/form_eng directory and it will then be used automatically.

    To create a plain version, copy the existing version and change the include for funcs.xsl to include plain-funcs.xsl.

    For instance, if you want to send a plain version of the lost-material-summary form, you would copy lost-material-summary.xsl to plain-lost-material-summary.xsl and change:

    <xsl:include href="funcs.xsl"/>

    in the plain-lost-material-summary.xsl file to:

    <xsl:include href="plain-funcs.xsl"/>

    If you want to send plain-text notices to just certain patrons, you can set the Mail Attachment field in the Global patron record to "P".

    If you want to send plain-text notices to *all* patrons, you need to add the line "PLAIN-ONLY=Y" to tab100 in alephe/tab per System's Librarian Guide - Printing, page 13-14.

    [KB 16384-49282 describes a new v21 option to include HTML in body of email.]

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    • Article last edited: 1/17/2014