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    How record format (FMT) is set in OCLC loader; LDR position 06 'i' -> FMT 'MU'

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    In the R20 release testing the OCLC loader, a record ends up with a format type of MU (music) and from the record specs it doesn't look like it should have. I am trying to figure out how the type is set by the loader. I thought it would be controlled by tab_type_config.eng (in bib library) but I can't see that it has a configuration for MU.

    Leader value 6 = i (nonmusical sound recording), which should mean that it isn't MU record type.

    Bib record 1645684 is an example.

    The FMT and TYP fields are two different things: FMT is a system-controlled value; TYP is a customer-controlled value.

    tab_type_config.eng is involved in the creation of the TYP field(s); it plays no role in the FMT.

    KB 8192-956 describes the program logic for generating the FMT. As can be seen, LDR position 06 "i" results in FMT "MU"; I believe this is because, given the other FMT choices, "MU" is the closest.

    In this particular case, the field displaying in the OPAC (as set in edit_doc_999.eng) was *not* FMT but rather the TYP, which was being set by the following line in tab_type_config:

    TYP Sound recording LDR F06-01 EQUAL [i,...

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013