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    How to Expand Summary Holding (866) field to Primo

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    How is the Holding library 866 tag sent to Primo?


    * In Aleph, if the Holdings 866 field physically exists in the Holdings record, the default setup provides it to OPAC via Primo (OvP).
    * Expands (virtual fields) are NOT included.
    * To also include the expanded summary holdings in the OvP result, add this line to the HOLDINGS library tab_expand table > HOL-LOC procedure:
    HOL-LOC expand_doc_hol_86x
    * See Primo result in attached screenshot

    Additional Information

    * In Primo Back Office, configure Advanced Configuration > All Mapping Tables > OPAC Via Primo Sub System > Holdings Record Configuration > loc.summary row > Content element to include the data to display

    * The tab_expand file heading may say to only use it with expand_doc_hol_loc_1_a. That can be ignored.

    * The Holdings record summary holdings field (866) can be expanded from Aleph as part of the Bib record or by using OvP.
    * If OvP is available in the Primo environment, then the OvP method is recommended.
    * If the goal is to include summary holdings information in the BIB record harvested for Primo and the holdings statement already displays correctly in the Web OPAC, then these 2 lines in the BIB library tab_expand should add the same information to the Bib record expand:
    FULL expand_doc_bib_hol
    FULL expand_doc_hol_86x
    The first column, 'FULL' in this example must match the expand procedure used for Primo publishing in tab_publish.
    The first line adds the necessary holdings information to the bibliographic library and the second line creates the virtual summary holdings field from that virtual holdings information.

    * In Aleph, additional Holdings fields can be expanded, for example:
    HOL-LOC expand_doc_hol_adm
    HOL-LOC expand_doc_hld_stmt GET_Z30_BY=HOL
    HOL-LOC expand_doc_hol_86x
    HOL-LOC expand_doc_hol_852_disp


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    Category: Interoperability (500)

    Subject: Primo

    • Article last edited: 11/25/2014