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    How to block a patron who has overdues from placing hold requests

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    * I would like to know how to block a patron who has overdue to place hold requests.
    * There isn't a proper check option on ./xxx50/tab/tab_hold_request.


    * In Aleph 20 it is not possible to check for the maximum number of overdue loans defined ./xxx50/tab/tab_block_circ when creating requests from OPAC
    * In Aleph 21 the checks check_hold_request_9_a (for checks at the ADM level) and check_hold_request_9_b i(for checks at the sublibrary level) in table ./xxx50/tab/tab_hold_request was added

    Additional Information

    * see Aleph 21 rep_ver #017743
    Description: New check hold routines are introduced. It will be possible to configure these checks in tab/tab_hold_request of the ADM library, as pre/post/circ checks according to the library.s policy. The new check routines includes: Blocks checks (1_a,1_b,1_e), Overdue checks (1_d,9_a,9_b,10_a,10_b), Cash limit checks (5,5_b) and Loan limit checks (4_a,4_b,4_c,4_d).

    * Extract from header of table ./xxx50/tab/tab_hold_request
    ! 9_a : checks the limits defined in 6081 PRE, POST, CIRC
    ! tab/tab_block_circ (Maximum number of overdue loans,
    ! Maximum number of recalled overdue loans, Maximum cash owings).
    ! This check retrieves 2 parameters:
    ! - block circ table name.
    ! If not specified, the default table tab_block_circ is consulted.
    ! - list of charges to include/exclude
    ! For example:
    ! CHARGES=-0001,0006,0008,0009
    ! Means that all charges except of 0001,0006,0008,0009 will be counted.
    ! CHARGES=+0001,0006,0008,0009
    ! Means that only 0001,0006,0008,0009 charges will be counted.
    ! If CHARGES parameter was not retrieved,
    ! all cash charges will be taken into account.
    ! The 2 parameters should be separated by ;
    ! For example:
    ! tab_block_test;CHARGES=+0001,0006,0008,000
    ! 9_b : checks recall and overdue limits defined in 6091 PRE, POST, CIRC
    ! tab/tab_block_circ in item sub library level.
    ! Column 3:
    ! Defines which block circ table is consulted. If no table is specified
    ! the default table tab_block_circ is consulted.

    Category: Circulation (500)

    Subject: Hold requests (500)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013