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    How to change error message 1130 in /exlibris/aleph/unn_n/alephe/error_eng/www_f_heading

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    How to change an error message in /exlibris/aleph/unn_n/alephe/error_eng/www_f_heading in line 1130?

    The error message 1130 is also contained in file check_hold_request. The standard file is located in directory /exlibris/aleph/ann_n/aleph/error_eng. Please note that you should not modify anything in a directory "ann_n" as this is the Aleph directory and the file might be overwritten when a new service pack will be installed. Instead copy check_hold_request from the standard directory to user directory /exlibris/aleph/unn_n/alephe/error_eng where you can modify it.

    Category: Web OPAC (500) - ALEPH

    Subject: ALEPH - 500

    • Article last edited: 12/5/2013