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    How to get USMnn Oracle tables / Demo libraries

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I have upgraded to a new version and I find that I am missing the USMnn demo libraries in Oracle. How can I get these libraries?

    The following is from the Upgrade Express 17.01 to 18.01 User Guide.doc. If you are not on version 18, you may want to check the Upgrade Express doc for your specific version, but it should be similar.... If you are going to version 20, you may want to use the "Alternate Procedure" described at the end of this answer.

    3.2.7 Importing Demo Libraries
    At this point, the data of the demo libraries is also in the format of the source database (17.01). In order to replace this data with the demo data supplied with the installation, run the following command from the ap directory (get to this directory by typing ap at the command line):


    **NOTE**: In version 19-up, the procedure to run is oracle_imp_demo_libs (rather than imp_demo_libraries). See KB 16384-7665.

    This process make take up to a couple of hours, depending on the capacity of your server. Bear in mind that if your usr_library and/or pw_library in aleph_start is set to USR00, this process will delete your patron and/or password data! (It is our strong recommendation that the USR00 *not* be used as your usr_library or pw_library.)

    The procedure expects the seqaa file in the $data_files to be in the form .tar.gz -- so do not decrypt / untar it. If you find that you do not have these .seq.tar.gz files in your usmnn $data_files directory, see "Alternate Procedure" below.

    Please also note that imp_demo_libraries reinitializes the VIR01 library (similar to clear_vir01, except that it doesn't issue any error messages). Therefore, we suggest that imp_demo_libraries be run only when the www_server and pc_server are not being used.

    {Note: In one case oracle_imp_demo_libs clear_vir01 failed (because the pc_server or www_server was running?) but not show any error. I ran:

    csh -f $aleph_proc/clear_vir01 VIR01 > & clear_vir01.0926.js &

    to correct this.)

    **Alternate Procedure**

    The Aleph Installation Kit, Appendix B ("Import Demo Libs") describes another method for getting the USMnn Oracle data. This procedure can be used to load the demo data even if you have not otherwise used the AIK.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013