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How to hide Aleph records in Primo, using STA field

  • Product: Aleph, Primo
  • Product Version: all versions
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



The Library, for some internal reasons, doesn't want to show on Primo some Aleph bibliographic records.
Is it possible to use some Aleph fields to avoid the publishing in Primo?


In Aleph it is possible to use the proprietary field STA.

This field can be populated with a string such as SUPPRESSED or similar.

To avoid the Aleph Bib records from harvesting and publishing in Primo, it is mandatory to create a logical base in Aleph that contains all the records except the ones with this STA field populated.

These are the steps to follow:

- create a word index on this STA field, for example WST

Tables involved:

tab00.lng for the index definition;

tab01.lng in which add the STA field;

tab11_word to put together the STA field and the new index


- to avoid that the cataloguing module creates warnings when a record with STA field is saved on server, modify these tables:

codes.lng for the definition of the field

tag_text.dat to define the strings that can be selected form a menu with CRTL-F8 command

- create the logical base (Tab_base.lng) adding a new line, for example:

XXX01_PUB              Aleph Catalog             XXX01             XXX01 N wrd=alldocuments not wst=(suppressed or deleted)


- in tab_publish substitue this line:

XXX01-FULL           XXX01                     N PRM1  MARC_XML


XXX01-FULL           XXX01_PUB            N PRM1  MARC_XML




  • Article last edited: 13-April-2016