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    How to print HOL records in multi-ADM environment

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We want to print speciific HOL records with their associated bib info. When we print abc60 records we have been unable to include bib info or, if we have included it, the sublibrary/collection/call number from *all* HOL records linked to the bib has been included.

    I have made two changes which address these problems:

    a. I have added the following lines to abc60 tab_expand:

    PRINT-03 expand_doc_hol_bib
    PRINT-03 expand_doc_open_cat

    This will make the fields from the bib record available in the expanded record and will generate a CDATE field for inclusion on the report.

    b. I have commented out the following HOL-BIB line in the abc01 tab_expand:

    !*Comment out for individual library holdings report:
    !HOL-BIB expand_doc_bib_hol_usm

    It's unclear to me just what (other) role this HOL-BIB line might play. I suggest that you see if there are negative effects to this change. If so, reversing it is a simple matter (-- though there would then be the question of how to prevent the problem described above....)

    In submitting p_print_03, the Format should be left as "ALEPH-Sequential" (the default) and the Expand value should be changed to "PRINT-03".

    Note that p_print_03 has the options of printing all fields or up to 8 particular fields. This includes the fields from the associated bib record. If you don't specify "ALL" but instead enter individual fields, you must include "#" for the indicator values: 245##, 100##, 260##, 852##, etc. The CDATE (HOL Creation Date) is included in “ALL” and can be specified as an individual field.

    The preceding changes apply to all runs of p_print_03 regardless of how its input file is generated. (See KB 16384-47490 about this generation.) If you don’t want the bib fields to be included in a particular run, you can leave the Expand dropdown as “None” rather than changing it to “PRINT-03”.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013