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    How to restart the job daemon in regular intervals?

    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22
    • Relevant for Installation Type: select the relevant: Dedicated-Direct,Direct,Local,Total Care


    How to restart the job daemon in regular intervals, e.g. yearly after the clock change?


    1) Create a script under $alephe_root:


    aleph@dc03kgnnneu(a21_1) XXX01> ls -ltr jobdrestart

    -rwxrwxr-x 1 aleph exlibris 680 Oct 17 14:52 jobdrestart*

    aleph@dc03kgnnneu(a21_1) XXX01> cat jobdrestart

    #!/bin/csh -f


            source $alephe_root/aleph_start

            source $aleph_proc/def_local_env


            setenv l_aleph_app_version a${ALEPH_VERSION}_${ALEPH_COPY}




    #       Check Batch/Daemons validation



            source $aleph_proc/define_batch_daemons_server



    #       jobd


            if  ($VALID_FOR_BATCH == "Y") then

               echo "starting jobd... "

               csh -f $aleph_proc/jobd $ALEPH_VERSION >& /dev/null &

               echo " "




    echo "jobd restart complete"





    Important Notes:

    • For Aleph 20 and lower the part in yellow *must* be removed

    • Script must be executable (chmod 775 jobdrestart)


    2) Add a line to the job_list:


    !     2     3        4               5               6                    7


    W6 03:30:00 N jobdrestart.log      /exlibris/aleph/u21_1/alephe/jobdrestart


    Where W6 is according to job_list.conf a weekly start on Sunday:

    W6    W YNNNNNN


    3) Restart the job daemon

    Additional Information





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