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How to search for an expanded field


We want to expand a description of a Code into a new subfield and search for it. The Code is in tag 062$$a, the description should be in 062$$b.



This can be done e.g. via fix_doc_do_file_08. There must be a table in xxx01/tab/import/


1 062##                    REPLACE-STRING                 $$bcb,$$bcb$$aComputerchip-Cartridge
1 062##                    REPLACE-STRING                 $$bcd,$$bcd$$aComputerdisk
1 062##                    REPLACE-STRING                 $$bce,$$bce$$aComputerdisk-Cartridge


In xxx01/tab/tab_expand you can add the routine to the various e.g.


WEB-FULL     expand_doc_do_file_08    codes.fix      (to show the description in Opac)

If you want to search for the desription, you have to add it to Expand Menue WORD:


WORD            expand_doc_do_file_08    codes.fix      


  • Product Version: Version 20-23
  • Relevant for Installation Type: All


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  • Article last edited: 12/04/2016