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    How to set up Words in the xxx60 HOL library

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We want to be able to do Word searching of our abc60 HOL records. I know we need to run p_manage_01. Is there anything else we need to do?

    The usm60 is not set up for the Word indexes since most sites don't build the Words there.

    You will need to populate the tab00.eng and tab11_word files with the indexes you want to build; copy the WORD entries from your xxx01 tab_expand to the xxx60 tab_expand; and. copy your xxx01 tab_word_breaking to xxx60.

    Your xxx60 z52 (util g/2), probably copied from usm60, probably lacks the last-word-number parameter. You need to add it. See KB 16384-39761.

    Also, though the ./aleph/tab/file_list.HOL contains entries for the z95, z97, and z98 tables, it lacks entries for the z970 and z980. You will need to place entries like the following in your ./xxx60/file_list:

    TAB z970 100K 0K TS1D
    IND z970_id 100K 0K TS1X
    IND z970_id1 100k 0K TS1X
    TAB z980 1M 0K TS3D
    IND z980_id 1M 0K TS3X

    and then do util a/17/1 for the z970 and z980 to create these tables before running p_manage_01.

    KB 16384-47490 is a related record describing a specific set-up of the xxx60 Words.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013