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    ILL2 Sending ILL Messages to Supplier Requires User ID and Password

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    How do we set up an ILL supplier that requires a username and password?

    In Integrated ILL, when one of your ILL suppliers (such as OCLC ILL) requires user and password you will need to set up alephe/tab/tab_ill_partner_conf
    Once this table is set, the workflow is the same as for any other supplier. In other words, the 'Send ILL Request' action for a supplier who requires tab_ill_partner_conf is the same action as for any other supplier.
    The user ID and password information will be populated in the Prompt tags of the ISO ILL APDU message (see below, the fields as they appear in UTIL F / 4).

    Note: For WebILL, the same is true, except the relevant table is "tab_supplier_ext", not "tab_ill_partner_conf".

    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptId.EnumeratedPrompt.Type$$b1
    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptId.EnumeratedPrompt.SuggestedString$$buserid
    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptResponse.String$$btestuserid [defined in tab_ill_partner_conf, col. 2]
    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptId.EnumeratedPrompt.Type$$b2
    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptId.EnumeratedPrompt.SuggestedString$$bpassword
    ILL L $$aReceived.ReceivedExtensions.Extension.Prompt1.ResponseSeq.Response.PromptResponse.String$$btestpassword [defined in tab_ill_partner_conf, col. 3]

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013