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    Including tag 700 subfield t in Brief Records display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We would like to include MARC tag subfield t in the display of "Brief records" in both the OPAC and GUI. When an author search is performed, the title in 700$t is not the primary title that displays in the search results, but is, instead, the 245 title. A user would not know that the library has the work that is included in subfield t based on an author search. For example: one of our bib records has this tag:

    70012 |a Goldmark, Carl, |d 1830-1915. |t Concertos, |m violin, orchestra, |n no. 1, op. 28, |r A minor.

    When an author search is performed for Goldmark, Carl, the Goldmark/Concertos author/title combination is not listed. One would need to click on the Korngold, Goldmark title entry to retrieve the proper record.

    There are problems associated with what you are requesting, but there are aspects of it that are very desirable.

    I am attaching a document that addresses some of the issues and gives a partial solution for this problem. I assume the idea of an author-title browse index mentioned in the document would be to create index entries that just contain the author, followed by the title. So, you would have to search on Shakespeare, but then you could get a list of works following the name (e.g. Shakespeare, William King Lear). Once you selected one of these entries from the index, you would have the same problem in how they were displayed (i.e. using the 100/245, no matter what was searched on). However, perhaps patrons would have more confidence in the results if they had seen an index entry expressly for the author and title they are interested in.

    There is lots of documentation on the subject of creating a browse (or ACC) index. The one piece that might be new is how to create virtual author title fields from the 100+245 or 100+240 (or both). The Configuration Guide for v.18 has a good section about tab_expand_join. This section tells one how to create a virtual field for indexing, such as pulling the 100 and 245 together into a single (virtual) field. You could have it create new 700 fields out of these entries or you could have it create some completely new field (such as A00 or 955 or some such). Once you have these fields in the record, you just need to update the tab11_acc table to tell it to create a new index using whatever fields you select from the virtual fields along with the existing 700 fields that have subfield "t".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013