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    Indexes updated immediately; indexes updated by ue_01

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    What index tables are updated immediately when a bib/authority record is saved to the server?

    What index tables are updated only later, by the ue_01 indexing daemon?

    The following Oracle tables are updated immediately (by update_docx) when a doc record (bib, adm, hol, authority, or Course Reseve record) is saved to the server:

    z00, z00r*, z07, z11, z13, z103, z105, z120 and z127**.

    * The z00r is updated only if you have CREATE-Z00R in the library's tab100 .
    ** The z120 are z127are updated only if the library's tab100 has UNION-LIBRARY = "1" or "2".

    For an authority record, the z01/z02 is also updated immediately.

    The following Oracle tables are read by the bib ue_01:

    BIB: z00, z07, and z103
    HOL: z00 (via expand);
    ADM: z00 and z30 (via expand).

    The following tables are updated by the bib ue_01 (and by the adm, hol, authority, and Course Reserve ue_01):

    z07, z01, z02, z0101, z0102, z11, z13, z00r, z101, z103, z105, z120, z91*, z95, z97, z98, z00**;

    * the z91 is relevant only to the ADAM function (not used by North American libraries)
    ** the bib z00 record is updated in the case where the authority record connected to an ACC heading does not have a UPD=N field.

    (Note that the z00r, z07, z11, z13, z103, z105, and z120 are updated by both update_docx *and* by ue_01.)

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013