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    Indexing 505 $$t in TIT browse

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We are testing the enrichment of bib records with Table of Contents. We have set the 505 $$t to be indexed in the TIT browse in tab11_acc and in the WRD keyword in tab11_word in our Test instance and loaded 200 test records and indexed them.
    The keyword indexing is working but we are unable to retrieve records based on the 505 $$t in the TIT search.
    When I do UTIL-F-1-29 on a sample record, I see this below for the 505 $$t for record 001444927.
    It seems to say that it is indexing the $$t in TIT but I'm not sure the entry looks correct.
    Regardless the search for any of the $$t fields doesn't work.

    The 505 $$t starts "tanthropology of art : a reflection on its history ..." and that entry is in the browse index:
    01 z01_acc \
    02 z01_rec_key \
    03 acc_code ..............TIT
    03 alpha .................L
    03 filing_text ...........ANTHROPOLOGY OF ART A REFLECTION ON ITS HIS
    03 filing_sequence .......74252
    02 z01_acc_sequence ........013474252
    02 z01_hash ................797287326345
    02 z01_aut_tag .............
    02 z01_rec_key_4 \
    03 aut_library ...........-CHK-
    03 aut_doc_number ........000000000

    The problem is that you are expecting to see each $$t SUBFIELD as a separate entry in the TIT index. This isn't how standard indexing works. If you say to use 505 $$t, all of the $$t's are strung together to create one entry in the TIT index.

    You can set up your tables to index each $$t as a separate entry using tab_expand_extract to create a virtual field (say t505) for each subfield $$t. And then you index the virtual field t505 in your standard indexing tables. See the Configuration Guide for more information on this table.

    If you are using tab_expand_extract for this purpose, be sure the associated expand_doc routine is being invoked in tab_expand. For the browse index, you need this line in tab_expand:
    ACC expand_doc_extract

    If you are using tab_expand_extract to manipulate fields destined for the direct index, you need this line in tab_expand:
    INDEX expand_doc_extract

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013