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    Install customer data-Install Oracle data

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    I am following the Guidelines for Aleph 18 to 20 Upgrade to do our upgrade, on page 36 step I, I run unpack the utree and import the Oracle data separately. I received the following info always, no matter it is run for utree or Oracle data. Should I receive an email for oracle data? Or How could we verify that this step has been run correctly and completely.
    install customer data status : successful
    Please review log file /exlibris/aleph/upgrade_express_1901_2001/logs/log/install_utree.log

    The “install customer data status : successful” message is not a reliable indicator of success.

    The /exlibris/aleph/upgrade_express_1901_2001/logs/log.20120430.152358/install_utree.log shows the following:

    Step begin install_utree

    ________ abc01 ________

    ________ abc02 ________

    ________ abc10 ________

    ________ abc11 ________

    ________ abc30 ________

    ________ abc50 ________

    ________ abc60 ________

    ________ alephe ________
    Step end install_utree

    This is not what you should see.

    The ./abc01/scratch/count_rep.lst (produced by util a/17/11/1) shows that there is no data in abc01.

    It seems that the u-tree (the ABCnn aleph tables) was loaded, but not the Oracle tables. I think you will need to re-run the export step (-- at least for the Oracle data).

    I will send my document "Upgrading to Aleph Version 20 - Upgrade Express.ACTUAL RUN.doc" attached to a separate email.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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