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    Is tab_file_aut still functional?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    Is tab_file_aut still functional? If so, can it be updated via GUI ALEPHADM?


    Though the ./com_c/tab_file_aut.c program still exists in version 21 (and is called by pc_job_12nn programs), this table was made "obsolete" in versions 16 and 17. (See rep_change's in Additional Information.)

    It seems that, despite these rep_change's, tab_file_aut *can* still function. If its presence seems to be causing a problem, rename/delete the file. Otherwise, though the table could be included in the ADM library and updated via "vi", it can *not* be updated via the GUI ALEPHADM.

    Additional Information

    v16.2 rep_change 000096 and (v17) rep_ver 006096 say:
    Description: tab_file_aut in the XXX50 library has been removed.
    It has not been functioning as originally intended at least
    since version 14.2. Possibly it never functioned.

    Reference to tab_file_aut has been removed from UTIL G/4/d and
    from WEB Guide Task Manager. Header for the table has been removed.

    Removed reference to tab_file_aut in tab_alephadm.eng.

    See Article 4228 ("Files with extensions do not display in ADM GUI Upload/Download files utility") in regard to inability to download tab_aut via file utility in version 21.

    • Article last edited: 1/8/2014