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    Is there a limit to the number of lines in Tab 17?

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    • Product: Aleph

    Is there a limit to the number of lines in Tab 17?

    The header now says:

    ! It can contain up to 1000 Group ID's, with no more than
    ! 500 lines each.;

    (See KB 16384-4209 for the history.)

    Old, v16 answer, from ALEPH-NA:

    [From Christine Moulen, MIT:] Not that I've run across. Mine is over 1000 lines now (825 that are not help/comments). tab16's documented limit is for real though, I've hit that one and had to reorganize.;

    [From Martha Creedon, Harvard:] We specifically asked about this while we were implementing (15.2) and there is no stated limit. We currently have over 23,000 lines in tab17, as we decided to enter every date for each year, retaining (at this point) dates back to January 1, 2003, plus a catch-all set at the bottom with some default hours, for each of the 27 sublibraries that have online circulation policies. At the start if each fiscal year I roll another year off and pre-define the coming year. I really don't need to keep THAT far back, but it serves as useful documentation to some degree to have this history. Our tab17 also includes a set of generic hours such as the following (one set for each sublib). WOL ;;;; 00 C WOL ;;;; 01 O 0900 1800 WOL ;;;; 02 O 0900 1800 WOL ;;;; 03 O 0900 1800 WOL ;;;; 04 O 0900 1800 WOL ;;;; 05 O 0900 1800 WOL ;;;; 06 C This serves two purposes: 1) If a date is missed or a date override is entered that extends beyond the calendar entries, the system can find something for a due date and time. 2) We discovered after our initial implementation that we needed these entries in order to ensure that fine calculations on items loaned before the switch to production and returned after the switch were performed correctly. This may contradict what PRB 2434 says, but we found it to be true. When these lines were not in the table, fines did not accrue properly.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013