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    Items added in Course Reading do not show up in OPAC

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    The courses/items converted from version 18 show up in the v19 OPAC, but the courses and items added since the upgrade (for example, course SW123) do not show up in the OPAC.

    (As seen in the abc01 z02 table), these are the doc numbers associated with 000142836, which is the z01_acc_sequence for z01 CNU (this site's Course Browse index) SW123:

    -000142836 -000099351
    -000142836 -000099352
    -000142836 -000099353
    -000142836 -000099354
    -000142836 -000099356
    -000142836 -000099358
    -000142836 -000099372

    I find that, though there are z120 (union view) records for these records, there are no z127 (de-duplication/performance) records. Both the z120 and the z127 are necessary for Union View.

    KB's 16384-3649 and 16384-6350 describe this issue. As described there, you need to run the create_z127 proc and create the z120 triggers (which generate the z127 on an ongoing basis).

    The abc30 file_list lacks the z127 trigger entries. You can add them directly to the abc30 file_list:

    TRI z127_trigger
    TRI z127_trigger_1
    TRI z127_trigger_2

    I see the following lines in the abc30 prof_library:

    setenv file_list_type BIB
    setenv file_list_size MEDIUM
    setenv library_type COURSE
    setenv library_size MEDIUM

    You should delete the setenv library_type and setenv library_size lines and change the

    setenv file_list_type BIB

    setenv file_list_type COURSE

    After doing this, the util a/17/6/1 will create the necessary triggers even if they are not in the abc30 file_list. (It will get the entries from the $aleph_root/tab/file_list.COURSE file.)

    [Even after this change, the newly-added courses still did not show up. This was because their z018_period was "SUMMER" while the U-ABC30_CURRENT base had "wpe=SUMMER SEMESTER". The solution was to change the latter to "wpe=SUMMER".]

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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