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    Items cataloged via Fast-Cat at multiple sites generating Holds on single ADM

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    All schools that use Fast Cataloging, but who did NOT want to use the HOLD functionality have had holds generated by the generic cataloger patron "DUP50".
    TSP, HAP, MAP, & BUP sites all report holds from DUP on items cataloged through Circ. Fast Cat.

    We have checked all known tabs to make sure changes made were only doen in DUP' ADM.
    I even added "FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID=N" to the xxx50/tab/tab100 for each ADM to see if this would stop it.

    The documentation seems to indicate that the Hold generation should be on a individual ADM basis and should not be affected by user sharing. Incidentally, all sites involved are "User-sharing=Y".

    1.) Is it possible, in a multi-ADM environment with USER SHARING enabled, to use Fast Cataloging WITHOUT generating Holds?

    ANSWER: Assuming that there is *not* a "CATALOGER" Z303-ID present anywhere in the system, yes.
    Libraries that share users but don't want automatic holds generated should use the following xxx50/tab/tab100 configuration:

    FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID= [in other words, leave this variable blank/empty, or, simply delete this line completely - you may want to test both options]

    Note that the "FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID=N" configuration is **not** appropriate.

    Also for libraries that don't want hold requests (i.e. BUP50), be sure that there is no ADM-specific Z303-ID/cataloger record (e.g. "BUP50") in that ADM.

    2.) More specifically, given the aforementioned qualifiers, can some libraries use Fast Cat and not generate holds even if some DO want to generate holds?

    ANSWER: Refer to answer #1 above for libraries that plan to use Fast Cat but not generate holds.

    Libraries that plan to use Fast Cat but do want to generate holds should use the following xxx50/tab/tab100 configuration (e.g.):

    USER-SHARING =Y [or N]
    FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID=CAT-DUP50 [and be sure that the ADM-specific Z303-ID/cataloger record exists]

    There should *not* be a "CATALOGER" Z303-ID present anywhere in the system, nor should this value be defined for the FAST-CAT-HOLD-ID

    3.) DUP50 enabled Fast Cat Holds using a “DUP50” Z303-ID.
    DUP’s CATALOGER ID was not deleted and stayed in place, but NO holds could be seen to exist under that CATALOGER ID when viewed through the GUI.
    Other schools using Fast Cat began to see holds from DUP.

    ANSWER: As you've indicated, it seems that deleting the offending "CATALOGER" patron ID from the DUP50 has ceased further holds generated from Depauw on any other library's items.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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