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    Limit filters on wtp containing slashes (" / ") don't work

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We have set up filters using WTP on our keyword search to correspond with the values in tab_type_config. The types with slashes, such as:

    Sound recording/CD
    Video CD/DVD

    don't work. Whether we include the slash in the find-include-filter-abc01 entry or omit it, we get 0 hits.

    The problem is that routine 90 in table tab_word_breaking changes '/' to blank:

    90 # to_blank @$^_={}[]:;<,.\/ <----

    but word building routine 01, which is used when building index WTP, doesn't.

    Routine 90 is used by the system for parsing a FIND query. When you enter the search term: "WTP=Sound recording/CD", it is parsed into: "WTP=Sound recording CD", but the WTP index is "Sound recording/CD", so there is no match.

    Testing in Expert search on Prod, using "wtp = ", we find that the following work for each of the cases:

    wtp = sound recording?
    wtp = journal?
    wtp = video cd?
    wtp = dissertation?

    Thus, you can have:

    <option value="sound recording?" ...
    <option value="journal?" ...
    <option value="video cd?" ...
    <option value="dissertation?" ...

    in find-include-filter-abc01.

    If the tab_word_breaking entries for other searches (aside from wtp) have this same problem with the "/", then you may want to temporarily remove the slash from the characters in the tab_word_breaking to_blank line of routine 90. See KB 5873 in this regard.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013