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    Limiting multi-condition searches to cases where the SAME HOL record meets both

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    [From ALEPH-NA:]

    I wish to retrieve only those BIB records that have condition A AND condition B fulfilled WITHIN a SINGLE HOL record.

    When I search for INDEX=CONDITION A AND CONDITION B, I will also retrieve BIB records where ONE HOL record matches condition A and
    ANOTHER HOL record matches condition B. I only wish to retrieve BIB records where both conditions A and B are fulfilled within a SINGLE
    HOL record.

    1. If the need to do this search is just a "one-off" event, then you can run p_ret_01 in the xxx60 HOL library to retrieve the HOL records with these two condtions.

    2. If this is an *ongoing need*, you could do:

    a. this [From Christine Moulen at MIT:]
    "We have a BIB index on library HOL 852 (or PST) $$b, and a BIB index on collection HOL 852 (or PST) $$c.
    But as you've noted, combining the two will give you records that meet either condition, but not necessarily both.
    "We added a new word index that includes both $$b and $$c, and set up a word breaking routine that compresses spaces, so that the sublibrary and collection code get indexed as a single word. Now we can search for sublibrary BAR and collection JRNAL as BARJRNAL and get only those BIB records which have "$$b BAR $$c JRNAL" in the HOL." OR

    b. you could build Word indexes in the HOL library itself, by running p_manage_01 on xxx60. If you need to also include bib record fields in the search, you can add this line to the xxx60 tab_expand: WORD expand_doc_hol_bib

    Or, if you just need to *display* values from bib record fields in the results, you could do:

    WEB-BRIEF expand_doc_hol_bib
    WEB-FULL expand_doc_hol_bib

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013