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    Loan Filter not showing any loans

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    In our V18 production instance, when the loan filter box is checked when viewing a list of items that include a checked out item, the patron to whom the item is on loan appears. In our V20 instance on development, this does not happen. We get a blank screen.

    Short answer: Corrected by v20 rep_change 2428.

    Long answer:

    If the screen is blank when you check the "Loan Filter", that indicates that none of the items in the Item List are on loan.

    Or it may be that all of the fields are unchecked in the Header Configuration on this particular pc. (See below.)

    Or it may be that the staff member does not have permission for the sublibrary to which the loaned item belongs: A permission was added in version 18 to limit the display of the filtered loans to sublibraries specified in the Staff Privileges - Access Rights - Circulation - Items Management - ITEMS list - Sublibraries. Check this permission for this GUI user.

    If all of the above are OK, you may need to apply v20 rep_change 2428.

    If you see a list but the patron name is missing, that would be a different matter....

    The columns which display when you check "Loan Filter" are the PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST values in the xxx01 pc_tab_col.eng file.

    Looking in your pc_tab_col.eng, I see these lines:

    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Patron ID 01 015 05 C01 Patron ID
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Patron Name 02 025 06 C06 Patron Na
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Loan Date 03 015 05 C01 Loan Date
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Loan Hour 04 010 06 C06 Loan Hour
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Due Date 05 015 05 C01 Due Date
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Due Hour 06 010 06 C06 Due Hour
    PC_CIR_D_LOAN_LIST L Desc 07 010 06 C06

    so Patron Name *should* be displaying.

    Please right-click on the column header in the GUI to see the Header Configuration. It's possible that the Patron Name box has become unchecked -- or that *all* of the boxes are unchecked -- on this particular pc (since the pc_tab_col.eng can be overridden by the individual pc settings).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013