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    Local Patron Info does not display after v20 upgrade; "fetch z305" errors

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When I display local patron information in the Circ client, the record in the lower-right frame appears to be empty. I.e., there is no patron status, expiration date, etc., and all local privileges are marked ‘no’. However, the information in the upper-right frame does show that there is a local patron record for Aleph Global User, complete with status and expiration date.

    Note: The ALEPH GLOBAL local patron record is shared across institutions, and is stored in PWD50, rather than in the institution specific libraries, ABC50, etc.

    The pc_server logs have an occurrence of the following error for each attempt to view the local patron record:

    Oracle error: fetch z305
    ORA-01007: variable not in select list

    A similar message appears (once) for the z61.

    util f/4 for the pwd50 z305 and z61 also results in this fetch error.

    Comparing your pwd50 z305 in sql ("desc z305") to the v20 z305 layout in ./alephm/sql_tab/z305_create.sql, we see that v20 has had a


    added at the end.

    Similarly, we see that the ./z61_create.sql has had a Z61_NEW_ACQ_REQUEST column added at the end -- which is lacking in the "desc z61".

    This lack of columns in the pwd50 Oracle data is what is is causing the Fetch errors.

    I find that the v18-v19 upgrade program should have added the Z61_NEW_ACQ_REQUEST and the v19-v20 upgrade should have added the Z305_RUSH_CAT_REQUEST column.

    So, one question is: was pwd50 processed by Upgrade Express or, possibly, was there a problem so that it was just copied, as is, from v18?

    If it did go through Upgrade Express, then you should examine the relevant steps in the UE 18-19 and 19-20 logs.

    The v18-19 step which adds the Z61-NEW-ACQ-REQUEST to the z61 is 1017.
    The v19-20 step which adds the Z305_RUSH_CAT_REQUEST to the z305 is 1005.

    Something which may not be relevant to this problem, but should be looked at....

    The ./pwd50/prof_library has this line:

    setenv library_type ADM

    The USR00 -- which, like PWD50, is the usr_library, the pw_library, and the z105_library -- ./prof_library has this:

    setenv file_list_type NONE

    pwd50 is *not* an ADM library; it should also have "NONE".

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013