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Location of October 2012 Oracle patch on ftp server

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 21

Problem Symptoms:
The Ex Libris Documentation Center > Cross-Product > Technical Documentation > Oracle > Oracle 11g > October 2012 Oracle Patch Set Update for Ex Libris Products Using 11.2 document has the following step:

3 Download the appropriate upgrade package from the /oracle/<platform>/quick directory on the Ex Libris FTP server.

But, logging on as produser, the Oct. 2012 patch is in a different directory:


File in different directory on ftp server.

The /oracle/OCT2012_PSU/ directory seen on Nov. 27, 2012, no longer exists.

On Dec. 31, 2012, the /oracle/ directory has the patch (-- as stated in the doc.)

Category: System Management (500)

Subject: Oracle (500)

  • Article last edited: 10/8/2013