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    Maximum recall fines

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    [From ALEPH500-DISCUSS-L:]

    Our library is about to set up recall fines on top of the regular overdue fines. We are up to a point that we saw when an overdue recall item is returned, cash transactions are generated with 2 different cash type, the regular overdue rate and recall overdue rate.

    We are charging $1.00 a day for regular overdue, and 1X more (via tab18.eng cash type 0050) for recall fines. We have set a maximum regular fines for $30.00 in tab16. So, the recall fines can go upto a maximum of $60.00.

    Our library has a policy of $30 maximum fine per item in place.

    Is that possible to define the limit in ALEPH for the sum of the regular fines and recall overdue fines?

    If not, whether there is way to set up maximum recall fine as $30.00?

    [From Hans Breitenlohner, University of Maryland, via ALEPH500-DISCUSS-L:]

    Maximum recall fines are set up in tab18, entry type 0052.

    I would also recommend that you set up entry types 0051 to match 0050 and 0053 to match 0052, in case some staff member decides to create a rush recall.

    We use a setting of OVERDUE-RECALL-RATIO=N in tab100, which allows us to specify amounts, not ratios, for recall fines. Depending on circumstances the system may charge up to the maximum regular fine, or the maximum recall fine, or both. I do not believe there is a mechanism that allows you to cap the total (regular+recall) fine amount.

    See also: KB 8192-4556.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013