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    New authority records loaded not linking to bibligraphic record

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Recently, we have started receiving subject authority records for validation purposes. They were loaded into xxx10 using p_manage_18.

    Since the number of subject authorities increased tremendously, we started checking what they looked like. When searching the bibliographic library for these new subject headings, we noticed that they were not linked to the authority record. The heading itself is not new, we have had them in the bibliographic library before LC started distributing them.

    I tried re-indexing the authority record with util f/1/13, I didn't see any activity in xxx01 ue_08 log. I tried rebuilding the whole browse index in xxx10, it did not help in linking the headings. Only when the authority record was saved to the server from the GUI, I could activity in ue_08 log and all the headings got linked.

    Is this the way it is supposed to work or am I missing something in the Aleph tables?

    If you want to see examples, the new authority records are 001165553 to 001167025 on the production server. Only record 1167000 was saved to the server causing the bibliographic heading "Investments, Foreign--China" to link.

    It turns out that the problem was xxx50 ($z105_library) ue_11 running much faster than xxx10 ue_01. I followed the sequence suggested in KB 8192-2424 and all the headings linked as expected. The sequence can hardly be automated since it depends so much on the number of authority records being loaded and the fact that I can't leave xxx50 ue_11 shut down while the building is open.

    Just so you have an idea on how long it takes for the whole process, here is a summary of the steps:
    1. stop SBA50 ue_11 - select count(*) from z105 = 0
    2. loaded 4462 authority records at 6/5/08 19:00:02 from sys # 001172420 to #001176881
    3. indexing by SBA10 ue_01 completed at 6/5/08 21:19:32 (run_e_01.6600)
    4. verified that there were 4462 rows in SBA50 z105 type 4
    5. start SBA50 ue_11 - processed entries from 21:20:59 to 21:58:20 (run_e_11.1865)
    6. SBA01 ue_08 processed entries from 21:21:04 to 22:25:37 (run_e_08.6600)
    7. SBA01 ue_01 processed 45,689 entries from 6/5/08 21:21:32 to 6/6/08 18:01:14 (run_e_01.6600 and run_e_01.12354)

    KB 4100 has a comprehensive checklist for bib-authority linking. Please go through that.

    In particular, since abc50 is your $z105_library, a critical question is whether the authority loading process is writing the z105's to abc50, as it should. If it is, you should see them in the abc50 run_e_11 log. (Note: the records you describe were loaded on 20080516, but the abc50 run_e_11 logs only go back as far as 20080527.)

    The process which writes the z105 looks for some change to the (authority) doc record. util f/13 does not make any change, so that may not be a good test.

    Also, re-running p_manage_02 in the authority library will also not trigger z105 activity.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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