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    New/updated authority record doesn't generate bib links **MASTER RECORD**

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When we add (or update) an authority record, it is indexed in the authority library ACC Browse list, but it is not added to the bib ACC Browse list.

    What *should* happen in the case of a new/updated authority record is:

    1. the writing of the authority record with update_docx (in the case of online) or ue_01 (in the case of p_manage_18 with FULL) generates a z105 record in in the $z105_library -- and ue_11 needs to be running in the $z105_library. (If you are uncertain what your z105_library is, the following command will tell you: echo $z105_library )

    2. the $z105_library ue_11 daemon processes this z105, looking for xxx01 z01 records with a matching Z01-AUT-LIBRARY / Z01-AUT-DOC-NUMBER, and changes the Z01-AUT-LIBRARY to "-NEW-" (and the doc# to 000000000) -- and writes an entry to the $z105_library ./scratch/run_e_11 log .

    3. the xxx01 ue_08 finds this z01 with "-NEW-", checks it against the xxx10 z01, finds a match, and sets the Z01-AUT-LIBRARY to XXX10 and the Z01-AUT-DOC-NUMBER to the xxx10 authority rec (--and writes an entry to the ./xxx01/scratch/run_e_08 log).

    In order for ue_08 to make this connection, the xxx01 tab_aut and tab20 need to be set to connect the bib heading to the authority. The Staff User’s Guide – Authorities, especially section 3.6 ("Authority Control Setup"), is contains useful information.

    If you are using p_manage_18 and find that it is not writing the z105, see Article 000033449 ("p_manage_18 [/p_manage_31] doesn't trigger update of bib headings") for that problem and its correction.

    If the problem is non-update of the heading in the bibs and if the steps described above in this KB are all OK, then go to Article 000039121 ("Authority change not updating bib records") for analysis of non-bib-update.

    Category: Cataloging

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013