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    Not all PST fields that show up in Brief-view are displaying in Full-view

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    With some of our records, we seem to be getting different PST displays in the brief- and full-views, despite having what appears to be the same expand routines applied.

    Why aren't we getting the same PST output in the brief- and full-views, and how can we make the output the same?

    Here is an example:

    ("The Journal of blacks in higher education")

    In the brief-view, this record has 5 separate PST entries (under the "Location/Request:" section of the "Location/Call No." column).

    In the full-view, this record only displays 2 PST entries (using the "Location/Request" label to identify the PST fields).

    We have specified the same "expand_doc_bib_loc_xx" routines for the WEB-BRIEF and WEB-FULL section of our abc01/dt/tab_expand file.

    Using util/f/4 and the respective expand routines (WEB-BRIEF and WEB-FULL), we get the exact same PST output:

    I believe this is due to the fact that edit_doc_999.eng column 6 (the edit_field ID) is specified as "D":

    ## PST## f -y D LLocation/Request Y E W

    This is what the edit_field.eng header says:

    ! "L" is used for location (using expand_doc_bib_loc_usm
    ! and expand_doc_bib_loc_disp) with link to display of
    ! library info and display of items list

    The www_tab_short.eng, in contrast, *does* have "L" for the edit_field ID:

    6 L Location/Call No. 04---A03---A 0100 L ## PST

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013