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    Only 2 or 3 Browse List Entries for Certain Searches

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We have a problem with certain "Title begins with..." searches:
    "the old man and the sea" produces only 2 Browse list entries!
    We have some issues with catalogued records and initial articles, but regardless of that problem, shouldn't #2 still give a list of 10 items, second in the list being our hit and previous and next pages further to other records?

    Browsing on the title "The " and doing Next Page to see all of them, the OPAC gives us 12 titles. But when I do the following SQL I get a result of 2987:
    SQL-xxx01> select count(*) from z01 where z01_rec_key like 'TIT LTHE %';

    This means that there are 2,975 Headings (Z01) beginning with "THE " which have no title (Z02) associated with them. Such titles are suppressed from display, but in building this display the large number of suppressed headings is causing these skewed results.

    You should run p_manage_15.
    manage_15 deletes Z01s which have no Z02 for them and no link to an authority record. This will result in a more normal display.

    Note: These headings must have previously had titles associated with them and either a batch or online update has made them obsolete.

    p_manage_02 does not generate headings which have no associated title and no connected authority record. The only way this can occur is when the heading is updated/deleted.

    {When a heading is deleted, the old Z01 remains (--suppressed from display). It is only p-manage-15 or p-manage-02 which actually, physically delete such headings.}

    Additional Information

    p_manage_15,headings, browse titles

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013