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    Oracle Critical Patch Update process

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local;


    What is the process for obtaining/applying the quarterly Oracle Critical Patch Updates?


    Oracle patches are released and certified by Ex Libris twice a year.   Currently (2017), we are on a Q2 (April) / Q4 (October) schedule.
    We strongly recommend that you obtain the CPU from Ex Libris. Ex Libris customers who have an Oracle embedded license -- the majority -- are not supposed to apply the CPU directly, but to use our DB software-packing, which includes bug fixes found during the CPU testing.
    If you have an Oracle onsite license and choose to apply the CPU, we handle problems which occur on a support basis.
    This policy is described more completely in the " Ex-Libris Security Patches and Vulnerability Assessments Policy.pdf " document at .


    Currently (November, 2017), the most recent (October 2017) 12.1 Linux updates are in the ./oracle/  directory, found on when logged in as "produser" (password "Pr6gue").  

    And the October 2017 11.2 Linux CPU may be found at /oracle/ .

    In addition to the ./Linux64 directories, there are also ./SunOS-i86pc and  ./SunOS-sparc directories.

    The Cross-Product > Technical Documentation > Oracle > Oracle 11g directory on the Doc Portal have instructions for installing patch updates.  

    The instructions for 11g are " Oracle Critical Patch Update for Ex Libris Products on 11.2.pdf " (found at .) 

    The instructions for 12c are " Oracle Critical Patch Update for Ex Libris Products on 12.1.pdf " (found at  Oracle Critical Patch Update for Ex Libris Products on 12.1 .) 

    Note that kits are created for Oracle patches for currently-supported versions. For example, in November, 2107, Aleph 22 / 23 (Oracle 11r2 and 12c) were being supported and kits were no longer being created for Aleph 20 (Oracle 11.1).


    Additional Information

    When you go to, login as produser (pw: Pr6gue), and cd "/oracle/ , you see about 257  ora12.1.0.2_linux64.tar.gz_xx files. 

    You can toggle off the prompt by entering: 

    ftp> prompt 

    It will respond with "Interactive mode off." 

    Then you can do: 

    ftp> mget ora12.1.0.2_linux64.tar.gz

    to transfer all the files at once without needing to respond to a prompt for each. 



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    • Article last edited: 28-Nov-2017