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    Oracle reporting "ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (%s) exceeded"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    Oracle connections are being refused on our Aleph system.

    *** util_c_04 - check ABC50 lock status ***
    Oracle error: handle_connection
    ORA-00020: maximum number of processes (%s) exceeded

    The maximum number of oracle servers (an oracle server provides a connection from a client to the database... e.g. sqlplus client -> oracle server -> database) is limited by a parameter which is called "processes". You can "see" this parameter either in sqlplus: "show parameter processes" or in the spfile which is located in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/spfile<instance>.ora

    Any connection to the oracle database is taking one allowed server from this maximum number. To see where the problem is do the following:

    1.) Proof: Check for oracle server processes: ps -eaf | grep -c <instance name>    ["echo $ORACLE_SID" gives you the instance name]
    ps -eaf | grep -c oraclealeph18


    In this case we see 123 processes.

    2.) Check processes in ALEPH: ps -eaf | grep -v http | grep -c a18_2
    (grep -v http ---- take out apache because this has no connection to oracle)
    (grep -c a18_2 ---- count everything from ALEPH)

    In this case we see 94(!) processes and it seems that the most of them are sip2 procs

    3.) Check for sip2: ps -eaf | grep -v http | grep -c sip2
    -> 43 ---> we got it.

    4.) Solution: shutdown and startup SIP2 services to solve the current problem,


    If you want to modify "processes" in Oracle do this:
    (Let's say in your case the parameter is set to 150)

    Connect to oracle as sysdba:

    From your ALEPH account:
    sqlplus /nolog
    connect aleph_dba/aleph_dba as sysdba
    alter system set processes=200 scope = spfile;

    Stop and start the database.

    150 and 200 is just an example, it depends on what you found by executing my example in the step before.

    What does it mean: The alter system command does write a new value for processes to the parameter file of the oracle instance. This will be activated when the database is re-started, because "processes" can't be modified when oracle is running.

    Note: In Oracle 9 (Aleph 17 and lower) the number of processes is defined in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/initaleph0.ora. See also Article 000036727 ("Number of Oracle processes exceeded")

    If also modifying the "processes"-parameter in Oracle does not solve the problem and the problem occur again, please check if there is a general problem with your SC machines.

    You can check the sip2_server-logfiles (in $LOGDIR).

    Each "Initialized"-message indicates that a telnet-connection to the SIP2-server by a client has been started. If everything works fine, the client has to close this connection afterwards (this is the "Client Closed Connection"-message). The difference between the "'Initialized from Address' -messages and the "Client Closed"-messages is the number of current open client sessions (that are occupying ORACLE sessions).

    In you example on a customer machine we saw that the client has opened 35433 (!!) connections without closing any connection:

    alephprod-a16(1) >>grep -c 'Initialized from Address' sip2_server_5333.log.0909.1145
    alephprod-a16(1) >>grep -c 'Client Closed Connection' sip2_server_5333.log.0909.1145

    That means that 35433 SIP2-server-processes are running and occupying ORACLE-connections.

    Please check with the vendor of your SC machine if there is a problem. Also there might be network problems.

    Additional Information

    Oracle, number of processes

    • Article last edited: 21-Jul-2014