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    Order initiated records display in Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Order intiated records created from acquisition display in Primo.

    Those records have an 'OI' item process status and so, the item, its location, does not display in Primo. But the problem is that the bib record still display in Primo. As these are new records, they do get in Primo Alerts for new records ! These alerts are automatically sent to patrons which of course try to find those 'new' books (not yet) received by the libraries...

    How can we avoid publishing of these bib records by Aleph to Primo? Add an STA field with a value of "ORDER-INIT" to the record?

    Certainly you could have a STAtus ORDER-INIT which would operate in a fashion similar to SUPPRESSED ... like this in tab_ base:

    ABC01PUB ABC BIB Public Acce s ABC01 N alldocuments not WST=(suppressed or deleted or order-init)

    and would prevent the bib record from being published to Primo.

    This method would let you add the STA in the case where this is the only item for the title but *not* add it in the case where the title has existing copies which are already in the library. (Ideally, the system would suppress a title where the only item is in a processing status of "OI", but that is not the case: there is no mechanism for automatically suppressing a bib whose only item is in this status.)

    Though the ADM tab42 lets you specify automatic changes to processing statuses when certain actions occur, there is no mechanism for automatically removing an STA field, but you *could* do this with p_manage_21: Subfield e of the virtual bib field PST has the item processing status. Thus, you could run p_manage_21 to remove the STA field from the bib record when there is no PST with $$eOI .

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013