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    PC_DISPLAY_ENG for Balance tab on budgets

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Is it possible to add the display of a note field (note field 1) on the Budget Info tab to the display on the balance tab? I have been able to display the label, but I have no idea what the call would be to display the content of the note field. Can you advise?

    z76 (budget) data is not available for display on the budget-balance (z601) screen; thus the z76-note-1 field is not available. This has been submitted as an enhancement request on 11/26/07.

    However, the z76-note-1 field is available via the Print button on the same screen. From that screen, it looks like the note-1 field is always at least one click away. The data that displays on the screen versus the data available to a Print button (on the same page) is many times different (as is the case here).

    For future reference, the XML for these screen forms can be displayed in the following way (to view the entire range of data that the system creates for a particular record):

    1. On the server, from the command prompt, enter:
    :>> pc_display_off
    2. Re-start pc_server.
    3. Re-initialize GUI Library
    The “expanded display” displays in XML format, giving you all possible data. It is possible that there is more XML data than is mapped to the HTML.
    Also, if potential related data doesn’t currently exist for the display, then there is no sign of its potential availability. For example, if an item is displayed in Circulation and does not have a loan, then no loan data will be available.

    In order to set the system back to HTML display:
    1. On the server, from the command prompt, enter:
    :>> pc_display_on
    2. Re-start pc_server.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013