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    PLIF (p_file_20): Inserting Z303-ID

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21


    In the table in the "The XML Format Input File"-section in "How to Use the Patron Loader Interface (PLIF) (file-20) - 20.pdf" Z303-ID (and the related ID-fields in Z304, Z305 and Z308) are marked as mandatory.
    How can we provide this ID for new partrons?


    We recommend to set DEFAULT-BOR-ID=Y in ./xxx50/tab/tab100.
    Then PLIF will automatically calculates the Z303-ID based on last-bor-id and there is no need to provide the data in the XML input file.

    Additional Information

    See also this information from "How to Use the Patron Loader Interface (PLIF) (file-20) - 20.pdf"

    Inserting Users - Additional Information
    When a new record does not have the Z308 records that are required for a new patron
    (i.e., the "00" type, which is the login-by-internal-id, and the "01" type, which is the
    login-by-barcode), tab100 DEFAULT-BOR-ID is consulted. If the value is "N", the
    "00" type record must supplied in the input-file. If the value is "Y", the system
    automatically generates the necessary Z308 records for the new patron. Note that the
    matching data is not considered login information, since it is lacking a verification

    • Article last edited: 5/27/2014