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    PST field has duplicate subfields 3, 4, 5, and 6

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The version 18 loc/pst expands are not behaving properly:

    PST0 L $$0Z30$$1000000501000010$$bOLSMN$$cCIRCB$$oBOOK$$d01$$fN$$rOLS60-000000501$$n0$$hPR468.I49$$iD38 1995$$aNUttSy$$3Book$$4OLIS Training Database$$5Circulating Collection$$6Regular Loan$$3Book$$4OLIS Training Database$$5Circulating Collection$$6Regular Loan
    LOC0 L $$bOLSMN$$cCIRCB$$oBOOK$$hPR468.I49$$iD38 1995$$3Book$$4OLIS Training Database$$5Circulating Collection$$6Regular Loan
    SBL L $$aOLSMN

    Note that PST0 is repeating data.

    Tab_expand for U39-DOC looks like this:
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_1_a
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_1_b
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_1_c
    U39-DOC expand_doc_sort_loc_b
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_2_a
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_3_a
    ! 4_a creates LOC field
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_4_a
    !U39-DOC expand_doc_hol_852_disp
    !U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_hol_usm
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_usm
    !U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_4_a
    U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_cleanup

    Deleting the U39-DOC expand_doc_bib_loc_usm" line corrected this problem.

    Though it would seem that including this should not cause duplication of subfields, this line is not necessary here -- or in any other tab_expand section....

    When you are using the expand_doc_bib_loc_n_x lines to generate the PST, and including expand_doc_bib_loc_4_a, the latter will produce a LOC field -- so expand_doc_bib_loc_usm is unnecessary.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013