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    Parallel indexing with authorities?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We're getting ready to run indexing using the parallel indexing mechanism. I've done this with bibs before, and we always left the authorities library alone. Authorities indexes run quickly enough that we weren't concerned about the downtime for catalogers.

    However, we're now setting up some of the authorities enhancements, such as adding tab_acc_category, and it seems like maybe that shouldn't be in place in the production authority library for a couple of weeks while I'm running the bib indexes in parallel.

    Should we set up a parallel AUT library at the same time with the parallel BIB library? How does that work in terms of set up such as edit_doc_999_aut_mit10.eng, tab_library_relation, and the AUT library that ends up in BIB z01_rec_key_4?

    I normally move the new indexes back into the regular library after parallel indexing.

    Running the bib and authority in parallel at the same time may cause problems (specifically, the BIB z01_rec_key_4 you mention).

    I think that you should:

    1. Stop ue_11 in the $z105_library and ue_08 in the bib library.

    2. Build the Browse index in the authority library with the updated tab_acc_category. (This could be done with parallel indexing, but it probably is not necessary. If you do do parallel indexing, move the z01/z02 back to the ABC10 library.)

    3. Build the Browse index in the bib library (with the updated tab_acc_category).

    4. Start ue_08 and ue_11.

    The only interaction between the bib and authority indexes occurs via ue_08 (and ue_08 triggered by ue_11). If you have those turned off, there can not be any problem.

    The updates made to authority records while the bib Browse index is being rebuilt will accumulate as unprocessed z105's and will be processed by ue_11 (and ue_08) once they are restarted.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013