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    Preventing ue_01 from running; util_e_stop doesn't work

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    You are running indexing jobs under version 18 and want to prevent ue_01 from running between them (or want to unlock the library), but you find that placing a util_e_stop file in the $data_scratch directory doesn't work, as it did in version 16 and earlier.

    For version 18-up:

    util w/5 (“View/Update Global System status�) has been added:

    Global System Status

    Process Name Status
    ----------------------------- -----------------------------
    1. SYSTEM UP
    3. ACQ UP
    4. CIRC UP
    5. CAT UP
    6. ILL UP
    7. JOBD UP
    9. ALL-UE UP
    10. UE-01 UP
    11. UE-03 UP
    12. UE-06 UP
    13. UE-08 UP
    14. UE-11 UP
    15. UE-13 UP

    You can toggle #9 (ALL-UE) to “DOWN� before submitting the indexing job. Then, once the indexing job is done, you would toggle it back to “UP�.

    For version 16 and earlier only:

    To ensure that no online index updates are attempted:
    1. From the GUI Cataloging Services menu, select the xxxnn library and submit the job.
    2. On the server: run “util c/1� to verify that the job is running
    3. Enter:
    “dlib xxxnn"
    "touch $data_scratch/util_e_stop"
    4. Verify that a "util_e_stop" file has been created in the xxxnn data_scratch directory.
    5. Run “UTIL c�, then “6� to unlock the library
    6. After the index job is done, enter:
    “dlib xxxnn"
    "rm $data_scratch/util_e_stop"
    “util e�
    7. Restart the UE_01, UE_08, and any other UE processes which normally run in this library
    8. Do "util c 1" to verify that the UE processes are running.

    For version 17:
    This can’t be done: the util_e_stop (see above) doesn’t work and the util w/5 (see below) doesn’t exist.

    [This information will be added to section 7 of the "How To Run Index Jobs" document.]

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013