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    Primo-Aleph API: Items that are not renewable are displayed as status "renewable"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    Problem Symptoms:
    In Primo FE: wrong status for items in the list of active loans. Even according to Aleph items cannot be renewed, the status displays "renewable". The status only changes when the user tries to renew the item

    Missing checks in tab_check_circ (For the decision if the Renew-link should be available in loan list via DLF, Aleph is using RENEW-PRE-section in tab_check_circ).

    Add the desired checks to ./xxx50/tab/tab_check_circ.

    Example configuration:
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_1_a
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_1_c_a
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_2_b
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_3
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_6_b
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_7_b
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_8_a
    RENEW-PRE check_circ_8_b

    After changing this section, restart WWW-server.

    Additional Information

    It is recommended to use the same sections for RENEW-PRE that are used in section RENEW-WWW (this is the section that is checked during actual renew from Primo).

    Note that for performance considerations, it is recommended to avoid defining the following checks in RENEW-PRE-section:
    check_circ_1_d, check_circ_9_a, check_circ_10_a.

    • Article last edited: 1/30/2014