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    Print Button Inactive on Budget List > Balance Tab from Wildcard Search

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    The Print button is not active when you display results of Wildcard search on Budget List. This button was active in v17. To demonstrate:
    The 5 steps below can be used without modification in both v17 and v18 GUIs
    [1] ACQ (XXX50) > left pane Administration tab > [B] Budgets node
    [2] Search Mode = Wildcard
    [3] Search String = “*2006” and click Go button
    [4] right top pane, the results’ top line is highlighted and a list of budgets appears below that
    [5] right bottom pane 3. Balance tab shows summary of all budgets retrieved (when the top line mentioned in step 4 is highlighted)

    In v17, the right bottom pane 3. Balance tab > Budget Info tab > Print button is active.
    In v18, the same Print button is inactive (grayed out).

    In the upper right pane, if you highlight one of the budgets below the top line, the Print button is active in both v17 and v18.
    In v18, even though the Print button is inactive, you can still print the information on that screen using Ctrl-P.

    This is not a regression issue from v17, the change was done intentionally (v18 rep_ver #012312):
    Description: ACQ - Budgets Search - Balance "Print" button enabled for dummy budget
    Acquisitions | Administration tab | Budgets node
    When using budget search mode "Wildcard", the first entry in the resulting budget list is always a dummy budget, whose code is the literal search string. If this entry is selected in the budget list, the only active tab in the lower pane is the "Balance" tab. However, the "Print" button on this tab was enabled although it related to a non-existent budget. This has been fixed. That is, when the dummy entry is selected, the "Print" button on the "Balance" tab will be disabled.

    This issue is still open and was escalated to Second line support for further analysis <2007-09-30 01:00:03>.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013